Enjoy a full blown "Fashion Session" with multiple clothing changes, multiple locations, makeup and hair stylist on location. We want to make sure you are looking your best.


When you call to book your senior portrait session, you will be  asked many questions: Where do you go to school?  What do you do for fun? Do you do any extra-curricular activities? The answers to these questions will help me guide you in planning your portrait session. 

The two most frequently asked questions are “Do you have a make-up artist?" and "What should I wear?”  

The answer to the first is yes! I have partnered with an awesome make up artist to provide both hair and makeup for my seniors. 

The simple answer to the second question is wear what makes you feel good and feel most like yourself. I usually tell people to avoid busy patterns, clothes with writing (especially big logos like NIKE™ or GAP™ across the chest), bright white (creamy white is ok) and strong red. But, sometimes it’s fun to break all the rules and wear that wild shirt or your favorite white sweater and that’s ok. We’ll choose different backgrounds or locations for those clothes. 

Bring lots of clothes to choose from—that way we have a lot to work with for mixing and matching. Though, probably won’t be able to use everything.

Get creative! Bring hats, cool shoes, boots, jackets, jewelry, scarves—you name it! Got an awesome prom dress? Feel free to bring that, too. I love a good prom dress in a grungy location—it’s fun and unexpected. If you’re unsure about something, bring it anyway. 

Don’t cut your hair  right before your pictures session. Plan your session at least 2-3 weeks after a hair cut to give your hair a chance to grow into its new style.

Bring props that are meaningful to you. Are you involved in sports? Dance? Cheerleading? Music? We can work with your uniforms or sports equipment—tennis rackets, soccer balls, field hockey sticks, well-loved dance shoes. We want to make your pictures an expression of who you are right now and these activities are part of your identity. Bring your guitar or violin or trumpet—musical instruments are beautifully made and photograph very nicely.

Session Fee

  • Studio package - up to 1 1/2 in studio with three different backdrops, $100.00
  • On Location Package - up to 1 1/2 , local outside shots, $150.00
  • Destination - up to 3 1/2 hour, unlimited clothing changes, multiple locations, $200.00

These are session fees only. Prints are not included in session fees.

Option - Can be applied to any shooting package

  • Makeup Stylist - will do all facial makeup  including touch up makeup during shoot (especially during clothing change) $45.00 for 1 1/2 hour session / $90.00 for 3 1/2 hour session.
  • Makeup & Hair Stylist will do all facial makeup  and ensure hair is properly falling or pulled back. Also, will touch up makeup and hair during photo shoot (especially during clothing change) $65.00 for 1 1/2 hour session / $120.00 for 3 1/2 hour session.

* Price for Destination shoots

Image Packages starting at 199.00